måndag, januari 24, 2011

Don't play it again Sam, pliiiiz!

Wohoo, KuriÅsa blogs in english, for the first time! Swedish or english is always the question. Since I travel a lot around the world, I meet a lot of people from freakin' everywhere in the world, and a big part of my dancing friends happens to be un-swedes. So, when writing about dancing and swingmusic, it feels kind of boring to write in swedish. So, here we go! My first english blogpost, maybe with some swenglish involved. My first language is NOT english, I don't even think it's my second or third... (yes, when I'm drunk it is. But right now I'm a sober and stiff, selfconcious dirty old bastard.)

Today's blog is about swingmusic-harakirisongs. In other words the worst songs you could play on a dancefloor. Or the best, if you want me to leave it. So, here it goes. My top three worst lindysongs ever:

Number three:

In the mood. *vomit* Have we heard it to many times? YES, we have. Gladly though it's not played that often on the lindyfloor.

Number two:

Take the "A" - train. Yaketiyak, don't come back. Take the a-train as far as you can and please, stay there. With your a-trainrecord with you.

And now, the undoubtable winner in this contest. *drumroll*

Number one:

HONEY FUCKIN SUCKLE ROSE *and there she passed out* This horrible, horrible song has been tortured by soooo many talentede swingsingers. WHY, oh WHY do they choose to play this song? It's got no umpf what so ever, and 99% of the versions I've heard band play is the elevator-music-kind. Which has turned me into a honeysuckle rosehater majeur. Nowadays I can't stand hearing it, even if it's one of the better versions.

Top three harakiri swing songs. Play them, and I die. No matter which version. Play bebop and I get angst der führer.

Ok, got it out of my system. Can now focus on what to play on tonights set. Hmmm... Right now I'm in a kind of New Orleans'ish period, so we have a big N.O warningsign up for tonight. (It's gonna kick some serious ass, I tell ya!) Tonight I will for sure play a song from a band my friends at Åland recently discovered, Red beans & rice jazzband. An awesome swingversion of the old swedish (pretty boring) song "Vem kan segla förutan vind". Boring song usually, but this version has got a great pulse to it, and me and my Ålandish friends hade some serious kickass livingroom dances to it when I visited them last weekend.

Ok, gotta run!

(Btw - don't miss out Windjammers ball, a great lindycamp in august, just after Herrang. Rhythm junkies, Gentlemen & Gangsters on stage, myself and more is dj'ing, first nights dance is on a big old beautiful ship in the harbour... gonna be awesome I tell ya.)

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